Get Them Speaking with Puppets!

Talk Description

Would you like to learn how to create and use puppets in the classroom to encourage more interaction in English? In this course you will learn ideas to use your puppets for establishing routines, to create a safe and relaxed space for speaking, use humour while correcting in a fun way, sing songs, create stories and practise vocabulary. Puppets are a great way to motivate your learners when learning a new language. Let’s make the most of them!


Ada Francoy


Ada Francoy holds a PhD in Education specializing in children’s literature, equality and diversity. She is a freelance writer, actress and scholar and works as a professor and educational consultant for several organizations including UNIR University, Trinity College and IB. She has wide experience in storytelling and children’s theater and has also worked in primary and early years multilingual schools world wide including Spain, the UK, United Arab Emirates and Myanmar