PETty Problems

Talk Description

Have you ever got stuck in your exam teaching routine? Or maybe you’re looking for some cool activities to make your PET preparation classes less tiresome and more awesome? If you said yes to these questions, then I believe I will have something for you! In this workshop I’d like to share some ideas and activities which have worked with my students, both the weak and the strong ones, the bored and hyperactive. Come and see!


Paulina Klaudia Wozniak


Paulina is a teacher at The Cultural English Centre in Linares. She has been teaching English for over 7 years and finds it particularly enjoyable to work with teenagers. She loves experimenting with new methods, such as DOGME and the flipped classroom approach, and latest technologies. In her free time she likes training her dog Harry, binge watching series on Netflix and looking for new challenges. After all, having survived the DELTA modules, nothing is impossible!