Lift It Off the Page!

Talk Description

How much do you rely on your coursebook? Do you sometimes feel that you are doing the same over and over again? Coursebooks are an amazing source of text and language to work with in the classroom but the effectiveness of following them religiously may be questionable. In this session, we will look at how to lift content off the pages of the coursebook in order to make your classes more personal and memorable and will reflect on the benefits of this in terms of learning


Emily Adrianova


Emily Adrianova is a DELTA qualified teacher with over 9 years of experience. Having been awarded ‘Role model teacher’ by FECEI and taught in a variety of settings such as Universities and language schools, professional development and personalisation in the classroom are two of her passions. Enthusiastic and motivated, she enjoys exploring new horizons and sharing her findings. She is also the online resources officer and a board member of TESOL-SPAIN and recently joined the team in El Centro Británico, Santiago de Compostela.