Getting Adolescents «into» Your Classes

Talk Description

You are half-way through another academic year with several groups of teenagers, some of whom are supposed to be taking a B1 or B2 exam sometime in June, but you really can´t see it happening, at least not with everyone and definitely not with their current attitude(s)! Or maybe it´s you, the teacher, who really doesn´t seem to be able to «get into» teaching teens, despite your most heroic efforts. If any of this sounds familiar, then this session aims to provide a tonic to teenage and teenage-teacher indifference. While this session offers no fairy dust to wish your troubles away or guarantees on your students passing B1 or B2, it does offer sound advice and practical activities, with little planning, on how to get much more out of teaching 12 – 18 year olds.


Ian Deans


Ian Deans has been teaching English since 1994, mostly in Spain with stints in The UK. Initially a teacher at IH San Sebastian and IH Madrid, he was a DoS in Badajoz, for many years before setting up Deans Creative English School in 2015. Ian is an experienced teacher-trainer who is passionate about getting students to embrace English as a creative tool rather than simply a vehicle for collecting certificates