Spot it, Stop it, Prevent it!

Talk Description

Language classes are ideally smiling, happy places, full of students cooperating harmoniously. Students need to feel confident enough to take risks using the language and express themselves freely. However, we do occasionally have to deal with different degrees of bullying and as teachers, we are responsible for creating a safe space for all our students. I will look at how to spot and stop bullying, whether or not you speak Spanish, and how to try and prevent it in the first place through practical classroom activities.


Nikki Unsworth


Nikki Unsworth has taught English as a Foreign Language for over 30 years and has worked in the UK, France and Spain. She is the Head of Studies at Centro de Macarena in Seville, where she has taught all ages from young children to adults, all levels from beginners to proficiency and is currently responsible for in-house teacher development.