S.T.R.I.P: Stress, Tone, Intonation, Rhythm: Pronunciation

Talk Description

Stress, Tone, Intonation, Rhythm: Pronunciation.This workshop will provide you with some of the tools you need to easily slide a pronunciation section into your class. Too often the art of pronunciation is pushed to the side as the book doesn’t have a great selection of exercises or the phonemic script is just a little bit scary. You’ll leave today with a whole heap of simple, enjoyable activities that focus on a wide range of areas providing teachers and, thus students, with a better understanding and a broader spectrum of pronunciation. Rest assured Harry will remain fully clothed throughout the workshop.


Harry Waters


Harry hails from the shoe capital of Middle England, Northampton. As soon as he could, he packed his bags and taught in as many places as he could from South America to South East Asia, down to Australasia and back over to Europe. He settled in Spain where he eventually decided that being a teacher was actually really fun, he also met his wonderful wife. He’s worked in both academies and schools. He has a very hands-on approch with his teaching and he really likes flags, socks and capital cities.