Learning English through Musical Comedy


Candidatura: Learning English through Musical Comedy

Representante: Glee Club Academy


Glee Club Academy is a musical comedy academy that follows the English curriculum in performing arts, conducting all classes entirely in English. We specialize in teaching singing, dancing, and acting, providing students aged 7 to 17 with an opportunity to learn English while engaging in activities they love. Our focus goes beyond artistic skills; we also nurture values such as effort, teamwork, commitment, and collaboration with both peers and those in need. We take the latter commitment seriously by organizing annual charity performances. For instance, this Easter week and earlier days, we are proud to present the musical "The Sound of Music" with performances entirely in English. Notably, we will incorporate dialogue in Spanish while keeping the songs in English. This event is dedicated to supporting the Altius Foundation, which focuses on providing food assistance and vocational training for the socioeconomically disadvantaged, aiming to facilitate their inclusion in the workforce. Glee Club Academy is the brainchild of Sonsoles Rodriguez-Villar Mac-Veigh, driven by her quest to find a musical comedy academy for her children akin to the one she attended in the United States during her own childhood. Unable to find a suitable option, especially one conducted in English, she took matters into her own hands during a transitional year in her textile business. Out of this initiative emerged Glee Club Academy, evolving into the vibrant institution it is today. It goes beyond being a place where one learns to sing, dance, and perform; it has become an immersive environment where everything is conducted in English. Students find themselves not only mastering their artistic skills but also comfortably navigating an English-speaking space, feeling secure and at ease. It's akin to experiencing a summer camp in London or Ireland, but right here at our academy, every week, for three hours. Glee Club Academy is more than a performing arts school; it's a community where students thrive in an atmosphere that aligns with their passions, making every session a dynamic and enjoyable English-language experience.


Glee Club Academy stands as a testament to innovation and dedication, offering a unique approach to musical education where students not only learn singing, dancing, and acting but do so exclusively in English. Founded by Sonsoles Rz Villar Mac-Veigh out of a desire for a similar experience she cherished in her youth, the academy has seamlessly integrated language immersion into the artistic curriculum. This groundbreaking initiative not only fosters a love for the performing arts but also provides a linguistic environment comparable to an English immersion camp. Glee Club Academy's commitment to excellence and inclusivity is underscored by its annual charity performances, showcasing the transformative power of arts education in both skill development and community impact.